About Me

I know a lot about maps and can render them using various perspectives, projections and materials of high resolution.
I use legal resources open for professionals:
NASA http://neo.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov/,
Blue Marble http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/BlueMarble/,
True Marble http://www.unearthedoutdoors.net/global_data/true_marble/download,
Natural Earth http://www.naturalearthdata.com/downloads/,
Maps-For-Free http://maps-for-free.com/,
Mapcruzin http://www.mapcruzin.com/,
SRTM http://www2.jpl.nasa.gov/srtm/,
ASTER http://asterweb.jpl.nasa.gov/gdem.asp,
GADM http://www.gadm.org/,
WorldClim http://worldclim.org/version2...
and many more.

If you need some special please let me know - I'm quick, attentive and accurate.
You can have your dreamed map animation just next day.

For editors:
I sell animations only - not source files.
If you need some special map resources for your own animation, please let me know -
I will prepare them with the desired resolution, bounds, vector layers and give you access to my archive for free.

Not everything in making maps' animations what is easy for me must be difficult for you.
Of course, buyers can always request high resolution source files with no extra charge.


I use

Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, GDAL Library, ImageMagick, Global Mapper, Perl, Python, NASA G.Projector