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Motion Graphics Template
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It is "KaraokeTelop" that can be easily customized and used freely.

[01] This is an animation in which the characters fade in.

[02] An animation in which characters are sequentially inserted from the beginning.



Various sizes and positions can be changed.

Size of characters and lower-thirds You can change the display position.

You can place the text at a relative position from the lower third.


The color and opacity can be adjusted.

The color and opacity of the text and lower third can be adjusted as desired.


Change font and text

You can change the font settings and text of the body text.


Adjust the outline color and opacity

You can adjust the color and opacity of the text outline as you like.


tracking adjustment

You can also adjust the tracking of text as you like.


Customize a part of the text

You can change the color and scale of some text within the text.


Change the color of the gradation

The two gradient colors can be changed.

The distance of the gradation can be adjusted as desired.


Change between 24 different animations

Lower third in/out animation.

Choose from 24 options and change them from the Premiere editor.


Adjust wipe speed with responsive design

By default, the wipe takes 1 second to complete, but by stretching and retracting the duration

You can adjust the wipe time.

The default delays are 0.5 seconds for in, 1 second for wipe, and 1 seconds for out.

The wipe area is designed to expand and contract.


KaraokeTelop - 1KaraokeTelop - 2KaraokeTelop - 3



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