Motion Graphics Template

Text box "Window Line"

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Motion Graphics Template
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Required Software
Premiere Pro & above
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This is the "Window Line" text box that can be easily and freely customized and used.

Various sizes and positions can be changed.

You can change the size and display position of characters and lower-thirds.
The text can be placed in a relative position.
Text will automatically switch to "Right Justify", "Left Justify" and "Center Justify".

Colors and opacity can be adjusted.
You can adjust the color and opacity of characters, lower-thirds and lines as you like.

Change font/text
You can change the font settings and text of the body text.

Adjust the outline color and opacity
You can adjust the color and opacity of the text outline as you like.

Adjust the tracking and line spacing
Tracking and Line Spacing of the text can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Customize a part of the text
You can change the color, scale, etc. of some text in the text as you like.

Adjust the relative position of each line
The three lines can be adjusted for relative distance.

24 types of animation switching
Lower third in/out animation.
Choose from 24 different types of icons and change them from your Premiere editor.

10 animated icons
Choose from 10 different icons and change them from the Premiere editor.
You can also change the color, scale and coordinates.

Distortion effects can be added
Distortions can be added to the lower third and lines.
Some adjustments can be made.


Text box "Window Line" - 1Text box "Window Line" - 2Text box "Window Line" - 3Text box "Window Line" - 4Text box "Window Line" - 5Text box "Window Line" - 6Text box "Window Line" - 7Text box "Window Line" - 8Text box "Window Line" - 9