• 朕宏國際為 Lumion 台灣獨家代理商,更是領導產業的硬體和軟體解決方案供應商及顧問。我們主要代理軟體包含了Autodesk、Adobe、Chaos Group、Pixologic、HP、Dell、Asus、Wacom等。

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  • Pixolution is the leading visual image search technology provider based in Berlin, Germany. They provide superior visual similarity search for stock agencies and content providers around the world.

  • 石榴甜是中国专业视频领域的门户网站。专门为视频客户、企业、个人提供包括内容作品展示、版权代理申请、素材发表及买卖、专业视频类招聘、代理创意制作行业资质颁发和上海市视频制作示范文本等服务。后期会有专业器材租赁、专业信息发布、互动交流平台等新功能,为用户创造更多价值。


  • Zooppa is the global social network for creative talent. They are the world’s leading source of user-generated advertising, committed to the vision of real people and innovative brands working together. Zooppa was founded in 2007 near Venice, Italy. Following a successful start in Italy, Zooppa launched in the U.S. in December 2008. From its global headquarters in Seattle, Zooppa has expanded rapidly, enabling major brands and their ad agencies to produce great content with creative talent worldwide.

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